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Missing from Tucson, AZ


Bezalel silver binding with 4 blue stones and etched designs, c. 1920, housing a Hebrew Bible, approximately 5” x 4”. Owner thinks book was inscribed – possibly in Hebrew – to “Albert” or “Eliezer,” Reported stolen in Tucson, AZ in January 2016. Book was possibly sold to a pawn shop in Tucson, AZ and subsequently sold by the pawn broker. Please report any information to David Waxma... [more]

Missing from Tucson, AZ (2013)


These items are still missing as of May 31, 2019. Missing Books: Uranometria Nova Star Atlas & Companion Text On or about October 27, 2013 two books went missing from the home of Dr. Kevin B. Marvel in Tucson, Arizona. Please contact Dr. Kevin B. Marvel at or 703-589-7503. The Atlas Title: URANOMETRIA NOVA. STELLAE PER MEDIAM EUROPAM SOLIS OCULIS CONSPICUAE SECUNDUM VERAS LUCI... [more]

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