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A Book of Broken Kindles

By Susan Benne

Artists Sebastian Schmieg and Silvio Lorusso have released a pretty awesome piece called 56 Broken Kindle Screens. It's a compilation of photos depicting broken Kindle screens. Oh, and did I mention that it is a print on demand paperback? From Schmieg's website: The book takes as its starting point the peculiar aesthetic of broken E Ink displays and serves as an examination into the reading device... [more]

Hunter S. Thompson In a nod to Independence Day, and the summertime, here's a gallery of some literary greats in their bathing suits. (At the moment I am wishing I was Hunter S. Thompson enjoying the beach rather than stewing in my apartment&) Enjoy the fireworks! [more]

While sorting through the returns pile last week, librarians at the Meath County library in Ireland came across a rare book that had been borrowed eighty years ago and never returned. The book was a pictorial record of the Eucharistic Congress held in Dublin in 1932 (notably, this was only 10 years after Ireland became a free state) and was borrowed from the library just a few months after the eve... [more]

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