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It is January 4, 2019. Payroll Friday. This morning I stopped into my accountant's office to pick up the checks. I signed a number of forms and checks for the various taxes and fees and other government necessities that were due. I've been going in to that building almost every other Friday for 35 years. Before that I calculated the taxes for the few employees I had myself. That would be impossibl... [more]

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By Rich Rennicks

Items of interest for the week beginning June 1, 2015. Beatles' Autographs The Beatles are on people's minds -- and radios -- this week because on June 1, 1967, they released Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, one of the first concept albums that was more than just a collection of singles or potential-singles. It was a massive hit, spending six months atop the charts. Between the Covers Rare B... [more]

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