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To mark the 75th Anniversary of 1939, we've asked some ABAA members to discuss publications from that momentous year. Jim Dourgarian, a specialist in Steinbeck (among other authors), recounts his experiences reading and selling The Grapes of Wrath. The 1930s were a turbulent and momentous decade for John Steinbeck. He published such diverse and quality books as The Pastures of Heaven, Tortilla Fla... [more]

Johnny Depp, Publisher

By Susan Benne

Johnny Depp (image via Wikipedia) HarperCollins announced today that Johnny Depp will partner with the publisher to create his own literary imprint, called Infinitum Nihil (the same name of the production company Depp started with his sister in 2004). HarperCollins said the new imprint, which means "nothing is forever', will publish titles that reflect Mr. Depp's eclectic tastes and seek "authent... [more]

Random House announced that it will be starting a new television division to develop scripted programs based on its books. This is not Random House's first foray into the movie and television industry. Unbeknownst to me, and probably many others considering it has only released two films thus far, the publishing house entered the movie business in 2005 with the launch of Random House Films. Random... [more]

English readers are the worst served in the world in terms of international literature, according to The Economist. Apparently only 3% of the total annual combined number of books published in America and Britain were translated from another language, with fiction only accounting for 1%. The same cannot be said for continental Europe, where in 2008 14% of books sold in France and 8% of book sold i... [more]

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