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Wouldn't you like to automate the process of searching our members' listings for the books or other items you desire?

Well, you can easily let us do the searching for you!



Customers can set up “Want Lists” — saved searches for the books or items you are actively hunting for — which alert you (by email) anytime a new copy is listed or an existing listing changes substantially (new price, image added, etc.).

You can tailor the frequency of these emails to suit your needs:

  • Daily emails let you know within hours of any change or new copy being listed.
  • Weekly or monthly emails will send you a digest of all new titles listed in the preceding week or month (and not sold by the time the email is sent).

The default setting is for daily emails (as that’s what ABAA members prefer). If you’re actively trying to collect a popular niche or subject area, you may want more frequent emails, so no other collector beats you to your prize. 



"Want List" searches can be as general or specific as you wish. You can search for any books by a particular author, or just first editions, with or without dust jackets, or a very specific edition within a certain price range, etc., etc.

If you want to monitor new listings in a broad category, enter the salient information in the “Keyword” field. (Ex: "Anarchy" or "Poetry, Ireland").

Once you've set up the search parameters, you can sit back and relax in the knowledge that if a book you want is offered for sale on, you will be notified.

You can of course log back in and edit your “want list” searches at any time, if your parameters change.



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Saving your most-wanted books to a "Want List" will save time and automate the process, with less risk of you missing something because you can’t find the time to do several manual searches every day.

Customer accounts are free, and you can delete or change your want list at any time.


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(Photos: Meredith Nierman Photography)


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